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WB-41/2 2022 Skivertex Mini Weekly Planner

Price: $9.95

WB-41 Skivertex Mini Weekly Planner Interior
Item Number: WB-41/2

Cover Material: Skivertex
Durable, flexible, acrylic coated paper cover with a leather effect
Skivertex Swatches
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Product Details:
  • 2¾ x 4¼: Smyth-Sewn
  • 12 months: January-December
  • One week per opening
  • Advanced planning section
  • Phone / address pages
  • Monthly expense section
  • Monthly reference per spread
  • 16 pages of 4 color US Maps
  • Time zone map

Product Reviews

(17 Ratings, 11 Reviews) Average Rating:
Excellent planner, except...
William T. Parker (San Diego, CA) 10/4/2021 4:51 PM
I have used this planner since I was about 25 years old, or about 55 years. It is an excellent planner and I love the extra features, like the color maps and other pages for miscellaneous information. However, the last few years I have seen the binding split where the cover hinges. It does NOT cause the book to come apart. The book remains structurally intact. But it looks lousy with the back of the binding coming off. Otherwise, a solid 5 stars!
Great Planner for all my applications
Don Maher III (Costa Mesa, CA) 8/19/2020 5:05 PM
I have been using this size pocket planner since 1948, first with those supplied by other companies (e.g. 'bought the first ones at Woolworth for $.39). I use them to keep track of cash expenditures (especially when working/volunteering/traveling abroad), unusual income, major events, reminders, appointments, etc. The early little books contained world maps which I found more valuable than US maps since I have always traveled extensively and interfaced in the US with many people from other countries. Until the last couple years, the pocket books were available at local outlets (no shipping costs). I find them invaluable. I wish world maps were included. I recently found mine of 1962 and was amazed at some of the expenditures (e.g. filled up the gas tank for about $3.60). Thank you.
Best & Only Planner I Know To Fit In A Shirt Pocket
Roy C. (Origin of Missouri/Mississippi, Montana) 5/4/2020 4:00 PM
I have a planner like this for every year since 1963 when I came home to the ranch following time in the Air Force. First used a Geiger Bros (MA) book that an ins co gave a local elevator owner annually. When the F-106 collided with & destroyed the elevator in 1979 I found that planner hard to get-finally found Payne's WB41 & have used it for 30+ yrs. They all have lasted the year in good shape, lost one into a 1/2 mi irrigation pipeline but an employee found it days later in cattails nearly a mile into the neighbor's, dried it out and it finished the year. Wish it had ruled blank pages rather than clothing sizes, travel exp,motels, tel info, etc.. I wouldn't be without my pocket diary even with a smartphone!
Planner Review
Dylan (Styes) 2/28/2018 11:11 AM
The Most Essential Item For Success As a student, organization is one of the keys to success, and I have found that using a day planner is one of the easiest ways to remain organized. A day planner is a fantastic way to stay organized. Planners offer many advantages over other forms of day planning because of the Cost, the location, that the day planner has ample space to write, and if the planner will help me keep my assignments organized. My opinion is that buying the Payne Publishing day planner will definitely help you move toward success in your academic career. Finding an affordable solution to being unorganized is as easy as spending $10.00 to $15.00 on a day planner. The cost of a day planner is relatively cheap, but it all depends on which one you purchase. I obtained an Payne Publishing 2018-day planner for around $7.00. The cost of the day planners can all vary depending on size, material, and number of pages. You can usually find day planners for a little bit cheaper if you decide to buy one for your next semester. But, if you buy one on the off season you can find them for between $5.00 and $10.00. Finding a day planner is relatively easy you can find them at your local superstore, or even convenience store. I purchased my day planner at the Arapahoe Community College bookstore. Most university’s or colleges will have day planners readily available at their bookstore. But, if you are feeling especially lazy, or if you are too busy to find time to go out and buy one, you can always order one online from Amazon or any other trusted dealer. One of my deal breaking criteria for a day planner is that is has ample space to write events daily. There is a calendar in the back to be able to quickly reference dates for holidays, vacations, or even school breaks. This planner by Payne Publishers has more than enough room to write the necessary assignments. It has ample room for writing due dates without having to worry about not having room for mo
WB 41 planner
Rich Sheidy (Elizabethtown PA) 11/21/2017 2:26 PM
I have been using this date book since the late 1960s. I like this book but the quality has diminished over the last few years. Usually by early fall the cover over the spline starts to split and requires taping to hold it together.Suggestions for updating include eliminating the maps,height & weight pages,clothing size pages,traveling distances,telephone information, and how to figure profit.Adding more blank pages on which to write information would be heplful.
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